"One afternoon I had dressed for work and I decided to try to use the camera on my new iPhone to take pictures of myself. I was still awkward in this area and I had no idea where to hold the phone in order for the tiny little button to capture my image, centered, in the frame. I took four or five pictures before looking at them. When I finally sat down to see what they looked like I was surprised to see a white mist down low to my right. I quickly scrolled through the rest of the photos to see if the mist was in any other pictures. To my astonishment, it was in all of them. It moved and grew and changed shape. In the final picture I saw what appeared to be a wing or feather touching my forehead in between my eyes. I believe this mist, or ectoplasm, signifies the presence of an angel."

The picture below was taken moments later with the same camera.

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Below are photos from my makeup career