When I met Dresden, I was taken with how peaceful it was just to be around her. When she gave me a reading, I was awed with how accurate she was about so many aspects of my life that I had shared with no one.

She was able to see parts of my life, relationships, and hopes that I have kept close to my heart for a very long time. And she was able to speak to questions I had about both my current and future steps.

Her words, amazingly accurate insight, and natural light enabled me to set my cynicism aside and acknowledge to myself that there is a path for each of us—even for me. That was a huge moment because until we had my reading, I doubted myself very much.

I have had “readings” from others who claim to be “psychics”. The readings with the others are very fast, very ambiguous, and rely heavily on them asking me questions and then restating my answer back to me. With Dresden, I spoke very little. She didn’t need me to give her my history or my hopes or my concerns—she could see them on her own.

She has an amazing gift that I cannot do justice to with my words.

If you have a chance to meet with Dresden, I absolutely recommend it. In the time we spent together, she spoke to a part of my soul that I had kept hidden even from myself. She could identify the relationships in my life that are the essence of my world and she set me at peace about the paths of these relationships. She infused me with a sense of calm and purpose that I have not had.

I cannot recommend Dresden enough. Though naturally cynical, I truly believe that Dresden is blessed with a gift to see into the hearts and minds of those she reads. I cannot wait to be in her presence again.



Dresden is the REAL DEAL!  I have been advised by numerous intuitives over the last 25+ years, and she is one of the very best I've ever read with.  From the moment we sat down, she started picking up on things about my Mom and other important people in my life.   Dresden is amazing, and you won't be disappointed.



Dresden picked up where my retired counselor left off - and HOW! In hyper speed and with deep insight, picture after picture rolled from her intense connection. She gave me parallel information and vivid descriptions 10x that of my previous counselor. Dresden is nothing short of astonishing! I'm in a positive focus for my future thanks to her.
A Thousand Thank You's!



PHENOMENAL! That describes Dresden in one word. With her guidance, I feel forearmed with knowledge and wisdom and forewarned with inspiration to prepare me for the next right action. She is an incredible asset to my spiritual journey and the most intuitive person I have ever met. A very amazing woman.



Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the work you did earlier this year.
Whatever you did, I think it worked, because the apartments are now nearly full, everyone is good and happy, and the property manager is thrilled.
We appreciate you!



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