Dresden Danielle became a professional makeup artist at the age of 18 and enjoyed an amazing career doing makeup for still photos, television commercials, magazine covers, billboards, and live broadcasts which were seen all over the world. She worked on several television shows which include: At Home Live, Country Crossroads, Nana Puddin' and HomeLife. She hosted a television show entitled "A Whole New You" and she worked with celebrities which include John Tesh, LeAnn Rimes, Randy Travis, John Schneider, Ricky Skaggs, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Marilyn McCoo, Olympian Mary Lou Retton, Karl Stover, and the late Charlton Heston, to name only a few.

During her childhood she began to receive detailed information about people and events. This information intensified during her 25+ years as a makeup artist as she began to see images in her mind, much like watching an internal television screen. She started receiving consistent and accurate information about all of the people she met. It was during this time that Dresden felt as though she was being summoned or pursued by a higher power for something other than the world of makeup artistry. She began exploring her gift and the limitless ways she could help others. She is now using her psychic ability daily in the assistance of those who reach out to her. She is available to assist in missing persons and unsolved criminal cases.





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